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Possibly the most important video you’ll see this year: Lessig08

Larry Lessig is considering running for Congress. The scale of change that Lessig in office could cause, I believe, is profound. His work to rid Congress of special interest influence within 8 years would leverage a “Crowdsourced Congressional Staff” of 10,000s. Unlike the Congressional staff I worked on during my year off after high school in 1989– a GOOD staff for a GOOD Congressperson– his Congressional staff of 10,000s wouldn’t be engaged in taking constituents out to lunch or getting a speedy passport issued upon request, or even dealing much with the minutia of a piece of legislation. Rather, his crowdsourced staff would bring the wisdom of crowds to Capitol Hill in a manner we’ve never seen before, and would be at once the force of displacement as well as the fill for the power vacuum created as the special interests depart.

Also, he gives great presentation. Enjoy.