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“MESH Government to the Rescue” TEDxGotham Presentation

Video of my October 2010 presentation at TEDxGotham about how we can engender a new era of efficiency in government by building share platforms.  Inspired by the concepts in Lisa Gansky’s new book The Mesh.

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“Compressed File Formats in Our Head”; Or, “The Benefit of Reviewing Tax Deduction Data”

When I saw the charge for Oyster Bar in Feb. 07 on my credit card statement while working on my 2007 taxes, my brain needed a minute of concentration to recall that it was for lunch with Jay Ackroyd, with whom I co-created the 2007 Virtual YearlyKos Convention.  I hadn’t thought about Jay in months.

The memory of that lunch with Jay was data in a compressed file format in my brain that became extractable into an uncompressed readable format only when paired with a corollary data set– the charge for the Oyster Bar on my credit card statement.  Now that that compressed file is extracted, I remember a lot of details of that lunch with Jay, and will for some time, until it auto-archives after a certain amount of time without being accessed.  Wow.