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IT Greening Keynote Presentation

In April ’09 I gave a keynote about how we helped pilot new efficiency and collaboration strategies at the NYS Forum’s IT Greening Conference…

co-working, colab, government, presentations, reinventing government, second life

Make It With Us at PSFK Conference Asia 2008

Video of my panel at the PSFK Asia conference in Singapore in October 2008. My presentation begins 3:45 min into the video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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How collaborative work is changing how companies engage with their customers, staff, partners, and community…

From my writeup about my panel at the upcoming PSFK Conference in New York:

“Collaborative co-working is putting more people on the creative “edges” of workgroups by fostering informal but vocationally relevant peer to peer interaction across boundaries of bureaucracy, organization, and in the case of NASA with Second Life, physical geography. Cultural cross-pollination results, making organizations more contextually aware, nimble, and responsive. It’s Biz Stone’s (Twitter founder) “crushed ice theory” at work– with more surface area, the crushed ice melts faster. Co-working exposes more surface area within an organization, melting bureaucracy away and generating creative juice from the meltwater.”