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Building the Open Government Partnership website

Open Government Partnership

As the 2013 Open Government Partnership Summit convenes this week in London, the Nuams team is proud to have collaborated with OGP on the launch of its new website.

We’re honored and proud to work with OGP on building its online presence using open source technologies, staying true to the fundamental principles of open government.

Here’s a quick overview of new features.

Design and content management

We re-designed the site using a responsive web approach so that it would be accessible on any device. The user experience now focuses on a more simple and intuitive navigation, cleaner design that is easier for end users and participating countries while looking modern and beautiful.

The new site’s content management system was upgraded from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 and the blog, originally on WordPress, was migrated to Drupal. Each member country now has administrative access to edit their country page, including cover banner photo and intro text, add new commitments to their action plans and submit blog posts for review.

Open Government Partnership

Interactive map

An interactive map makes it easy for site visitors to visualize member countries and select to view open government commitments and progress. The map was built using Drupal’s Leaflet module.

Open Government Partnership

Enhanced search

Enhanced search functionality allows for topical browsing and drill-down search results by categorization. The search is powered by Apache Solar and Drupal’s Facet API module.

Open Government Partnership

If you have questions about the technology or development process, feel free to contact us.

Check out the new!

Originally posted on NuCivic


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