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“Compressed File Formats in Our Head”; Or, “The Benefit of Reviewing Tax Deduction Data”

When I saw the charge for Oyster Bar in Feb. 07 on my credit card statement while working on my 2007 taxes, my brain needed a minute of concentration to recall that it was for lunch with Jay Ackroyd, with whom I co-created the 2007 Virtual YearlyKos Convention.  I hadn’t thought about Jay in months.

The memory of that lunch with Jay was data in a compressed file format in my brain that became extractable into an uncompressed readable format only when paired with a corollary data set– the charge for the Oyster Bar on my credit card statement.  Now that that compressed file is extracted, I remember a lot of details of that lunch with Jay, and will for some time, until it auto-archives after a certain amount of time without being accessed.  Wow.

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How collaborative work is changing how companies engage with their customers, staff, partners, and community…

From my writeup about my panel at the upcoming PSFK Conference in New York:

“Collaborative co-working is putting more people on the creative “edges” of workgroups by fostering informal but vocationally relevant peer to peer interaction across boundaries of bureaucracy, organization, and in the case of NASA with Second Life, physical geography. Cultural cross-pollination results, making organizations more contextually aware, nimble, and responsive. It’s Biz Stone’s (Twitter founder) “crushed ice theory” at work– with more surface area, the crushed ice melts faster. Co-working exposes more surface area within an organization, melting bureaucracy away and generating creative juice from the meltwater.”

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Paper About Mixed-Reality (Second Life / Real-Life) at the Next Generation Exploration Conference…

Posting the PDF here so that anyone can access it… Thanks again to the entire NASA and non-NASA Second Life team that made this mixed-reality event happen– and to the paper writing team that pulled together a record of the event and lessons learned in very short order. See also my original post about the event.