Civic technology

Virtual Government: Real Life Uses for Second Life

Had a blast today on the panel at the New New Internet Conference in DC for "Virtual Government: Real Life Uses for Second Life."   Check out the webcast here (my section starts at 18:00 minutes in but with sound problems, which have been corrected by the time we get to Q&A later).  Daniel Laughlin and I were there from NASA, the SRA folks working with NIH.  Dave Taylor from the National Physics Laboratory in the UK and Paul Sparrow from Newseum joined the panel in-world.  Great feedback from and connections with people in analogous roles at EPA, State Dept. etc using similar approaches to those that we’re using in CoLab to solve similar problems in their organizations.  I love encountering Birds of a Feather.  In the realm of virtual worlds, thank goodness having government BOFs find and help each other will become less ad-hoc after next week’s Federal Virtual Worlds Consortium meeting.  In the realm of Web 2.0 for more transparent and efficient Federal government Agencies, I still don’t know if such a BOF organization exists and think we may need to help create it.


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