Civic technology

So Glad I Can Attend YearlyKos from Dubai

The YearlyKos Convention in Second Life (YKSL) is off to a roaring start, with more than 100 paid participants from around the planet convening in Second Life to create a parallel “virtual convention.” I’m participating from Dubai.Live streaming content from three venues in Chicago is the centerpiece of the virtual convention, and is complemented by YKSL-only interviews and dance parties.Check out the YKSL Schedule. If you’d like to participate in YKSL there’s still time to register online and catch the Presidential panel!You can also check out the YKSL exhibit hall and welcome center for free– after creating a free Second Life user account and downloading the Second Life application, point your browser here to get to the YKSL venue within Second Life! Or from within Second Life, “search” for “YKSL” under “Places.”See you in Second Life throughout the rest of YearlyKos!


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