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EcoTechism at Mashup Camp

I’m representing GoodStorm at Mashup Camp today and tomorrow at the Computer History Museum, and I just heard the coolest thing- the donations many of attendees gave to support the event went in part to providing better wi-fi at the museum so that they wouldn’t have unproductive or at least unhappy attendees.  And rather than rent-a-vendor or a couple of extra routers, the conference organizers took the donations and did it right, upgrading the wi-fi infrastructure at the museum PERMANENTLY.    This evoked ecotoursim to me– come, enjoy, and then leave it better than you found it.   How many conferences work like that?  Truly an unconference.  Hope we can find ways to run Yearly Kos in the same way, though what improvements we want to or can bring to The Riviera in Las Vegas I don’t know…


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