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Standing Room Only At The San Francisco Drupal Meetup

  Originally uploaded by Pooles.

40 people showed for the San Francisco Drupal Meetup at the CivicSpace  offices at 3 in the afternoon yesterday.  Who knew?  That’s more impressive to me than the 9.7 million results Google now returns for Drupal.  The platform is exploding.  And numbers aside, what people are doing with Drupal– profoundly impactful and broadly diverse projects– who is doing it– some of the most talented and generous people I’ve ever met– and the way that they’re doing it–  open, altruistic, collaborative to the hilt– is what is truly amazing and inspiring to me.  Next major milestones as I see them unfolding over the next 6 months:

1) Economy: Turning the corner from a vibrant growing economy of contract consulting firms implementing the platform, which we’ve seen grow over the past year, to a new array of profitable online services , communities and media properties run on the CivicSpace/Drupal platform (e.g.: GoodStorm, The Onion); this will take the economy around the platform to a whole new level

2) Hosted Services: Bryght announced today that they’re about to start charging $40/month for a hosted Drupal site, which portends an array of different flavors of hosted CivicSpace/Drupal coming down the pike from various vendors this year; the end-users wins– faster, easier, and less costly to get up and running on the platform– mass market at last here we come; (congratulations on hitting this milestone, our Vancouver friends– onwards! 🙂

3) Politics: the 2006 elections in the US are right around the corner, and I believe a number of campaigns will win significantly because of their intelligent use of CivicSpace implementations, and more generally their use of online communities and open-source organizing tools.


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